Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

I got super sunburnt!

this dog is huge and his name is Cuki. he follows us everywhere. hes not ours but he follows us and protects us. so cool

Arequipa, Peru

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Elder Haskell

They don't celebrate thanksgiving here and I don't even know what day it is.   Today were having a barbecue as a zone so for sure there will be some sweet pictures next week.

Thanks for the Books and Rubiks cube and cake!! we made the cake at my pensions house and shared it.  Peruvians generally don't eat really sweet food so they were a little put off by the really rich chocolate frosting. So we put half of it on the cake and im eating the other half with a spoon during study time.

I am in the actual city of Arequipa now in the Zamacola Zone are Villa Parai

so (ParadiseVille) Its cool.

I had an awesome birthday!!
I actually did here a little  about the earthquake tsunami thing down there. They are in my prayers. Tell sister Adasme were praying for them.

Thanks for writing me mom!!

We, as a zone had 115 baptism this month!! doing pretty good!!! Love you Mom!!

Elder Haskell

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sept 16

This week was great because it was the first week that I really got to work in my area. the past couple weeks ive been in Lima and away from my new area. we found a house and its pretty nice. It has a kitchen but were not allowed to cook so that sucks. Yeah, we do kind of leave the scary stuff out. Sorry mom but everything is rainbows unicorns and lolipops here. just perfect. My new area is called Chen-Chen. there are no paved roads in Chen Chen. its not even worth it shining my shoes, which are holding up good by the way. almost all the houses are made of estera and the people are pretty humble. we found a couple good people this week and we´re hoping that they can come to church and progress.

Three days ago I completed 7 months in the mission and am now the oldest missionary in the zone.  I love my companion more and more everyday.  We´re best buds.

Make sure you tell the Burtons that I love them. Seth turns 18 in November right? tell him to get on those papers and come join me in Arequipa. Im super stoked that Boyd is going on a mission.

Im glad it rained there. I miss the rain. Alot.

Elder Haskell

Sept. 2


THATS awesomE!!! Pictures of the prom dress please!! How are the Williams?  I hope everyone is doing okay!! will write a letter and send pictures today! i have a sweet computer because im in Lima doing legal stuff again. give me thirty mins. :)

I feel like im going through a rough time in my mission and really not finding a lot of time to work like we should be working, for example in the past three weeks I've had 4 Full days of work without interruption of meetings and traveling. They closed my branch and taken away the largest part of my area, which has been reduced down to two blocks by seven blocks, I can't help my recent convert who i love very much because he lives in the area that they took from me, im just waiting for me to get changed to another area. I don't know i feel super burnt out. My companion is awesome and he helps me a ton. hes ready to be on his own and maybe even train new missionaries. I feel like im waiting for the next thing to happen and its not happening yet. maybe im not giving my part to the lord or failing in something but well see what happens. 
Thanks for keeping me up to date on whats happening at home. I´ll still be in Lima tomorrow and spend all of Wednesday moving to a new room and organizing my new area. so this week is pretty much shot but I hope that we can progress and find someone who will progress in the gospel and have a real desire to repent of their sins. Faith unto repentance is so ridiculously important. maybe I´ll try to teach that better. 
I met an Elder who is from Alaska. He lives two blocks away from Enendorf air force base. pretty cool guy. 
hopefully better news next week.

Elder Haskell

Aug 27

This week has been pretty slow, We went to Ilo and received some sort of training from (my mission President) but I was really confused, He told us that we had to think outside the box to have success in the mission field. in his Spanish he said that the box is PMG and the white handbook.... weird.

Training is going good. were a little concerned because they might close our branch and our area in a couple weeks. little concerned for my converts and friends here.

Aug 19

Well, this week was pretty fulfilling.  We found four or five people who I think can progress, If only I can get them to come to church!! No baptisms this week, Sad face.

I think were going to have a Zone Conference this week, so I hope I can learn how to be a better missionary. The best way to learn is to make mistakes, I think. That's what Magic School Bus taught me. I didn't take any pictures this week.

Oh, I completed 6 months in the mission. That was really fast. The past six months I've really learned alot and gained an understanding of the atonement. Its pretty sweet to think that I have a Savior and a Redeemer. I've come to love Jesus Christ. He is my friend and my teacher.

I got to speak in two different sacrament meeting this week. The branch president decided it was funny to surprise me. haha. -_- I can now improvise in Spanish.

The switch from English to Spanish is complete. My brain works in a completely different way now. we have English classes and I cant even teach  or spell words correctly anymore. I've given up with our germanic estupidese.

Aug 12

Its not too difficult to train a new missionary, Especially since he knows how to work with the members better that I do. He just struggles with understanding all the doctrine. but we're working on that ;) Its a great learning experience for me too. I see him try to copy everything I say and do so I have to set a good example when it comes to obediencia con exactitud(obedience with exactness).

This week is pretty normal. nothing exciting. Were struggling to get people to church. as always. its time to try something different. time to pray for inspiration. I think Ill ask bishop clove for help. along with elder stamler and ruelas. and frank.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug. 5th

This week has been awesome. I received my greenie Wednesday and we started working hard from the start. He is awesome. He is  from Paraguay. He talks super slow compared to the Peruvians which is pretty awesome. I understand everything he says. He told me I have a pretty thick Peruvian accent. Whoops. He's 25 years old and was elders quorum president in his branch in Paraguay so he is teaching me how to work with the members and how to set a better example for him. Its like I'm being trained for a second time but this time for real. He has desires to be super obedient and he is helping me in that aspect of the work as well. I know that the mission president receives revelation from the lord en cuanto of exchanges. I have seen the evidence first hand. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to learn, grow and teach. (Ill attach a photo of us)

I am the youngest Trainer in the mission, someone must think i'm worthy of this responsibility, I feel so inadequate... is that even a word?

Elder Haskell

Monday, July 29, 2013


Well this week was transfers.   I am going to train a new missionary for the next three months. I have no Idea who he will be or where he is from, I'm going to Arequipa on Tuesday or Wednesday to pick him up. I've made some great friends here and, although there is a ton of dust, very little paved roads and a burning sun, I don't really want to leave. they say that this zone is the worst when it comes the weather but i cant help but love missionary work. I'm actually surprised about how happy i am considering how tired and hungry i am all the time! its so cool how the lord fills your heart with joy when you are in the service of his children.

Mom, called to serve is awesome. I'm glad you can relax a little bit and enjoy the summer, and tell dad you have an eternal perspective! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

here is a picture of me and my companion and a random chileno

Monday, July 15, 2013


Also here is a picture of an Alpaca that spit on me immediate after this photo.
This week was fantastic, actually this week was horrible save for the most spiritual experience I have had on my mission thus far.

We are teaching a less active family, E..... (member) her husband, H,...... (nonmember) and little J......
H..... in the past has never accepted missionaries into his home or his restaurant but for some reason or another my companion and I have become very good friends with him and his extended family included. We are pensioned at their restaurant this month and the food is fantastic. On Tuesday we had eaten dinner together and talked about the mission and how it has changed us, nothing too deep or spiritual. Later, I went to help H...... wash dishes and clean up while my companion played with J...... and kept him occupied. While washing dishes, we started to converse about how God can help us change our character and our natural man. What followed was the literal conversion of a man. The spirit entered the kitchen and while washing dishes testified of the truthfulness of our message to the willing and humble heart of H....... As I testified of the power of the atonement and repentance,  tears began to roll from both of our eyes.

H....´s heart was changed in that very moment. I know that this gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change the hearts of the hardest men. The converting power of the Holy Ghost is real, and while as missionaries we don't see a lot of the results of our labor, I know that there are fruits to be harvested. H..... built and confirmed my testimony of the Work.

Exchanges are in two weeks, and I want to see my new friend enter the waters of baptism more. Something our Mission president taught us, is that Christ always acted out of love. And for the first time,
I feel that i am acting out of love and less out of duty. I love my new friend. I know that the Savior Loves everyone of his children and we can be tools in his hands if we but humble ourselves. I can testify of these thing, and I do in the name of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Oh I totally forgot that my whole family cruise without me. hmm bummer. :)

It seems that baptize me guy does not exist. We cannot find him. we contacted the entire street looking for the bum and it seems that either the elders who taught him took the wrong address or he is playing the meanest trick ever.

However Satan didn't completely win this week, we had a baptism and have 8 posibles for this coming week. We're super excited.

One of my good friends got transferred in about ten seconds for giggling in one of our meetings, before the meeting even started. It seemed a little harsh but our mission President claimed to have received revelation to transfer him in literally less that 15 seconds. I was shocked as was the whole zone. we didn't know what to do. But I believe the lord has a plan for him in Ilo. Hopefully he doesn't feel to bad.

We found a couple sweet families this week. some of them need to get married but they have goals to do so.

All is well in Zion.

Elder Haskell
WE were doing service picking out rocks from the dirt to plant alfalfa. the soil is similar to utah.

Pancho Villa

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Its actually fall right now. haha and its getting colder. at night it drops to a solid 55-60 degrees by my guesstimation. I know more or less how to prepare cuy and we will have some when i get back. sometimes i forget words in English  I've started dreaming and thinking in Spanish  my companion is good. i'm trying to study Christlike attributes i don't think the punctuation mark colon exists in Spanish  i cant find it on this key board. i get dear elder stuff so its cool!! send whatever. anything from home is good. although, i admit i really only think about you guys Sundays and Mondays. sorry. ´:/ found it.

this week was fine. nothing real special. were having trouble getting investigators to attend church. really have nothing much to say.... the work rolls forth. oh exchanges were this week. I officially have three months in the mission. 21 to go! i seriously love missionary work though. I'm not counting the days because they go by so fast. hmmm  what else... not much. gonna go play soccer. oh, cuy is awesome if you don't mind eating little hairs. :) but really is good. I've never had more regular bowel movements in my life. que mas... oh socks here are horrible because no body wears socks. there is no market for them. Dr. pepper down here is 3.50 soles for a 12 ounce can. holy expensive batman. cocacola is only 2. food in general is cheap. actually everything is cheap besides transportation. ummmm thats all i think. Love you guys! keep me informed!!

Elder Haskell

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS THIS WEEK! a mother and her daughter were baptized saturday and sunday. it was pretty sweet seeing people change their lives because of a newfound love for Jesus Christ.

This week was a little slow other than that. WE traveled to Arequipa  four hours by bus, to listen to some members of the seventy speak on Thursday   We learned a little bit about how we as missionaries have a higher calling and are expected to follow a higher law. It was pretty cool. We seem to be having trouble finding people in their homes at the times they specified. Hmmm. Satan is working hard to keep people from the gospel.

We had a rather neat experience during the baptisms this week. We had planned to baptize the mother and daughter together . So Sunday morning we get to the font and its empty. Shoot. So we start filling it as fast a possible. with buckets and the nozzle. we borrowed a hose from the neighbor so we could use the outside sources of water to fill the font  we have to pass the hose through a window in order to get it to the font. The the branch president says we should postpone the baptism because there is no way to fill it in time. My companion and I unanimously declared, "Have Faith President". Then we had to get permission from the stake president to baptize her during the 2nd hour. he was a stubborn mountain to move but we moved him. The Whole branch was there and it was a super spiritual experience.

WE HAVE A CUY (guinea pig). We're going to eat him. will send pictures. ummmm thats all this week. like I said, pretty slow. we're trying to be more obedient and work harder. The lord will bless us.

Elder Haskell

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The days pass so fast here they just seem to run together. I love that I can never remember what day it is. We are teaching a family that is going to get baptized this week! I'm so excited! The Weather here is starting to warm up and the desert sun is not being kind to el gringito blancito. Peruvian Spanish is actually a slightly different language. Its call Castellano and some of the words im having a hard time with but I will survive. We have a great zone and I am doing well.

This week has been good. We are struggling a little bit to find the people who we make appointments with. Because so many people travel to Tacgna to study or to vender fruit or vegetables it is a really transient. Their schedules really depend on where the people are and where people are buying fruit. Ive never seen such a location based economy before. Its pretty interesting.

Food is cheaeeeeep. So sweet. Last week we ate out at an expensive high class restaurant. You know the type where the amount of food you get barely covers your plate and no free refills on corn juice. For all four of us it was around 10 bucks. IT WAS SO GOOD. However ive never eaten so much rice and potatoes in my life. They have a dish here called salchipapas. its basically hot dogs mixed with raw potatoes.  it fills you up and its around 20 cents.

I found out where I can buy cuy. They sell them in the market and I plan on buying one today, taking it to my pensionistas house killing it, preparing it and eating it. Cuy is guinea pig. cute little guinea pigs. Will send pictures next week.

The gift of tongues is a real thing believe it or not. When we align our will with gods all things are possible. Everyday is a struggle to put down my rebellious heart and stubborn mind to become more like a child, submissive and humble. The goal is to make my will, and Gods will, synonymous. Easier said than done.  Blessings come when you make sacrifices  This lession is taught in the scriptures but also manifests itself in Chess. I learned this from my companion. we play a little when we eat and often by sacrificing my most beloved piece, the queen, I can gain an advangate somewhere else. The Adversary is so focused on our "favorite sins" when our spiritual desires begin to exceed or temporal desires and wants we can align our will with the lords and fight the good fight. give up your favorite sins and win the war against Satan.

All is well in Zion

Elder Haskell
Dios es valor.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mt Misti the volcano in Arequipa

From the top of my building

THAT IS SUPER AWESOME THAT YOU GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH NATALIE! Did she submit her papers? Keep me informed!!

I really want to go to the Lima Temple. Supposedly we get to go one before we leave. Super stoked.

I got to teach a lesson on eternal families on Saturday, I talked about how grandpa just wanted to be with Wagon again. There is nothing more(important) than to see grandma again and be together for eternity and how we can have that joy through the plan of salvation. It was a moving moment because we know that grandpa took off sprinting for the spirit world.

I miss Poncheros. I miss fake south american food. There is less rice with fake food. I EAT SO MUCH RICE ITS RIDICULOUS. Thats okay I´m getting used to It. There is a type of dish here called Chaufa. (chow-fah), basically its chinese food mixed with peruvian flavors. Its fantastic. also there are a ton of potatoes here that are a sad attempt at french fries. they are disgusting. I ate some burnt beef the other day. thats about the worst it gets. so far.

The weather here is tolerable  about 90 during the day and colder at night. I actually enjoy sweating during the day. it makes me feel like I've walked farther than I really have.

my companion and I are opening up a new area,  that has never had missionaries before. The work is different every day. unfortunately we have to take a 6 soles taxi there and back every day. that comes out to about only 4.50 dollars but its like 30 dollars a week. Expensive. Los Angeles is about 7 Miles away and straight up in elevation. Not doing that twice a day or more. Nope nope nope.

The internet is really slow so i'm having trouble with pictures but I will try to send some.

Our shower has hot water!! which would be awesome if the water wasn't heated by an electric dongle that is attached to the shower head. It buzzes of electricity when you shower. to date I've only been shocked once. Lucky me. It looks like its grounded but I don´t know for sure. Every morning is an adventure. I'm having a blast and learning alot.

Elder Haskell

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Okay, so let me get this all in order. I left Las Vegas on Thursday Morning. Then I flew to Atlanta from Las vegas and there are no payphones in the international part of the airport. Then got on a plane to Lima for 6 hours. Longest plane ride ever. you know why? because there are free movies to watch. some of them I haven't seen. Can you Imagine that? The whole time, for six hours straight, Satan was taunting me. "watch the movie Haskell, you know you want to. you packed your scriptures. that was stupid. nothing else to do but watch awesome movies... do it. you know you want to. you don't have a companion. dooooooooo it." I HATE SATAN. But I didn't watch one. NOT ONE.  After I got off the plane I found another missionary from the good ole USA. There was an hombre there to pick us up and he dropped us at possibly the sketchiest hotel in all of Lima. I was 11 a la noche. He  and I had no idea what was going on. so we went down to exchange our American dollars for soles. the exchange rate we got was around 2.25 soles per dollar. we got screwed as we later found out. the real rate is like 2.6. my stupid American brain. thinking I know everything and stuff. so we stayed the night at the hotel in Lima. in the morning we get up at six thirty because we, as missionaries, don't know what else to do. Shower get dressed and start reading our escrituras. we figured we were supposed to start proselyting in Lima or something. about 830 we get a phone call which I pick up and the hombre on the other side is not speaking the language I'd been taught in the MTC.  Now what? After saying ¿Repiten? several time i get that someone is gonna pick us up in 15 mins. YEEESSS!! BLESSINGS!!! So we get in a car and continue to sit in different offices all day filling out legal forms and getting fingerprints taken. Someone from the FBI is there. I get nervous. I'm not a internationally wanted criminal right? okay so at about 3 I find out were going to get on another plane to Arequipa la misma dia. Okay then. Off to Arequipa. so we get on a plane about 9pm and llegar a Arequipa alas 1015. then we just chill with prez. Fernandez for a couple days because we don't have companions or an are or nothing. visa waiters are last priority in the mission field. anyway president is cool. on Saturday, which is Pday for the office elders (the elders who we were hanging with) we got to play some real south American soccer. which was pretty legit. I can actually hold my own as a goalie (arquero) of en defense. then we went to conference which was awesome. I got about 73 percent of what was said. when the conference edition of the ensign comes out would you please send me an English edition? thanks. also the keyboards in Peru are different. typing is a little difficult. so I got to my real area, Moquegua, on Monday afternoon. following a long 5 hour bus ride through what looked like the valley of death, i got my companion and played more soccer. my companions is from Peru and he speaks very little English so we are teaching each other. he is a good missionary even though he has only been out seven months. When I arrived in Moquegua, I learned that we didn't have a place to live. we need to get beds and stuff and find an apartment. SWEEET. whatever. its cool. I can do this. Be a Consecrated Missionary(if you want to feel inadequate read this talk by Ted R Callister) while homeless and starving. but we found a place for about 75 soles a month which isn't bad. I'm learning Spanish super fast. Ive been in moquegua for 2 days and have probably learned 100 words. seriously. Don De Lenguas. For sure. Everything is going good. I'm writing this as quickly as possible and got special permission to do so on a Tuesday. I{m getting used to freezing showers and tons of rice, which I've discovered is super easy to eat when you're starving. its hot here. I'm in the desert. Love the area already. ummm... I think that's it for this week. Oh, you know how in America we have rules for driving, there are no rules here. you don't honk your horn when you're mad you honk when you're about to pass within 2 inches of someone else. I have yet to see an accident though. there are no stop signs. no traffic lights. to lines on the roads and no medians. only the will of the driver. scary stuff... will write next week and send pictures.


Elder Haskell

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thales has a new address.   Pouch mail is more reliable but has restrictions  if you need to send a package, you cannot send it via Pouch.

only the following items may be sent through the pouch:
Note: Letters sent in any other manner will be returned to the sender.

Elder Thales D. Haskell
Peru, Arequipe Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

Non-conforming letters and packages need to be sent to :

Elder Thales D. Haskell
Peru, Arequipe Mission
Av. Del Ejercito 710, Piso 7°,Of.702-703
Casilla De Correo: 1884
Yanahuara, Arequipa

Thursday, April 4, 2013

If you want to send Elder Thales D. Haskell a letter, you can do it online.  go to, select the Peru, Arequipa mission and then write him a letter.  Its free and so easy to do!
Hello everyone!
Thales called last night.  He has his VISA!!!  He leaves this morning at 8am and will arrive in Peru tonight at 10Pm Peru time.  He is so excited!  He will email his address soon.  You can DearElder him in Arequipe Peru mission in Pouch mail or wait til I get his new address!  Yeah!!!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

So today is day 3 on the mission and ITS FREAKIN SWEET!! The area I'm in is an English area with absolutely no Spanish people to teach. I'm worried that I might have a hard time retaining my Spanish. I do Language study every day to help me remember and talk to all the brown people I can. Elder Arnold is my companion and he has been out for 18 months.  We have two baptisms scheduled this Saturday and two more next Saturday. All of my invitations to be baptized have been accepted so far. Teaching in English is taking some getting used to. I can never remember the word "atonement". in Spanish it is Expiacion and I've said it before in my lessons. We have a car so I don't have to bike or walk everywhere. We went to ward council and got like 8 referrals so we have a lot to work to do. I'm pretty excited to dunk some fools!! haha Just kidding. I'm so excited to serve the people of Las Vegas and in turn, the Lord. They are saying I might only be here for a transfer but I don’t know the weather here is gorgeous I could stay here for two or three if I don’t get a visa. I'm here for a reason and I've accepted that. 
I didn't get an MSF card so I'll have to use personal funds to buy food and stuff for a couple weeks until I can get my card. :( I will survive though. P-Days are on Monday now.

The Nellis Airforce Base is in my area so we go on base a lot for dinner and some teaching appointments. Because this is a military ward the people are super transient and move around a lot. Our area book is super outdated and we were double transferred in with no knowledge of the area so it is a huge learning experience I am grateful for. There are F-22's in the sky!! Its freakin legit!! We see F-15 and Raptors on a daily basis and the raptors make this howling sound like no other. I will try to get some pictures for you this up coming week.


Elder Thales D Haskell
9270 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Address

Thales has been transferred to the Nevada, Las Vegas mission temporarily to serve while he waits for his VISA.  Please send all your mail to:

Elder Thales D. Haskell
9270 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123
United States

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mar. 21. 2013

Thanks for the cinnamon rolls and the cookies! THE COOKIES WERE LEGIT! I loved them. So did my Zone and district. My district is leaving on Monday so I'll be hanging around for a couple days with the intermediate Spanish district which will be a good thing cuz I'll be more challenged in class and draw less pictures of Nephi playing with the head of Laban. Or gangster ducks wearing a turtle neck and chain (gold).
Bored Dragon drawing.  Sam Cropper and I.  I knewSam  at the youth leadership scout thing I did.
Gangster Duck

Sister Nnah and I.  I forgot how to spell her last name.. She is a friend from BYU.
New Zone leaders and companions for 3-4 days.

My teacher is awesome. Anyway, so my teacher, Hno. Rassmussen pulled me aside and have talked for hours on faith and belief vs knowledge and my want to find things out for myself without and outside influence. This way I can feel that my testimony is based on what I know, rather than what I believe. I accept this gospel. I believe it is true. but I fall way short on a knowledge of these things. Maybe one day I will know, but for now my faith will have to do.
On a a lighter note, TODAY IS PDAY! I get so excited for P-Day. Both of my fake/real investigators got baptized and my Spanish is coming along great. Hopefully I can learn a little more this week when I'm with the intermediate class. I'm sick of the food here. 
Chillin' in a golf cart.  Going for a cruise.

Happy Birthday to Elder England. This is the closest thing to a birthday hat that we could fine.  He wore it in shame and with pride.  The other guy is Hno (hermano) Avila, our instructor.

Still no travel plans. :( but I have to check the mail today.they said it would probably come in today if it’s gonna come. Right now, anywhere that is not the MTC would be fantastic. I'm doing laundry at five in the morning and getting up is not so bad for me anymore. The kitchen looks awesome! it looks so BIG! INA GOT HER LISCENSE?! 


I'm sorry you're sore from painting! Make Boyd paint!

I saw Dustin Kraus at the temple a couple times! So that was cool. 
I finished the book of Mormon again. In English. I’m about 1/3 of the way through in Spanish. I'm 200 pages into Jesus the Christ and it is mind blowing.
Will Write more later when I have your letter with me. look for pics!
Elder Haskell

Mar. 14. 2013

Elder Heal and I inherited Creeper Cloaks

Wheely Chair racing after 9 hours of class.  Elder Carlile is hilarious!

Elder Schoof and I.  What a legit dude!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I did get my coat and I love it! It has actually been warming up recently and its very nice outside. 40-45 degrees most days.

Tell Zach I said good luck in his play and I wish I could see him jam out. I have not recieved any Letters from ina or ben but i havent checked the mail yet today either. I bet boyd is so stoked to be home.

My companion trying hard to sleep on P-Day
Just me... being well.. me

Me, creeping out of the closet

The Days here pass so incredibly slow but the weeks fly by. i cannot Believe i have been here for over three weeks. I've only got two and a half more weeks left and them Im out of here. I scheduled departure date is the 28th of march, but I could get reassigned to texas or somewhere till my visa comes. the rest of my district is headed to Lubbock so I might go there.
Suspenders day.  Looking as legit as crap.

DAVE AND EMILY SENT ME A BOX FULL OF JUNK FOOD!! IT WAS SO AWESOME AND MADE MY DAY! TELL THEM THANKS SO MUCH AND I WILL BE WRITING THEM A LETTER!! I LOVE JUNK FOOD! (my roommates are not appreciating how many chili cheese fritos i eat and what they do yo my bowels)

This week has been a slow one. My roommates are the new ZL's and being District leader has never been better. I love my brothers in the lord more than anything even though we don't get along all the time. The Lord has blessed me with charity and more humility each day.
Doing Laundry and eating lunch. 

I have been praying for humility and the Lord has indeed brought me low, before I can be the missionary i want to be. On saturday our District was selected to particiopate in the new cirriculum they will be implementing accross the MTC in the coming months. Basically it said that the way we have been teaching our investigators is entirely wrong. this has really given me the opportunity to reavaluate how to invite the spirit and allow the spirit to confirm what what the lord wants me to say so that His message will reach the heart of the investigators. I was pretty awesome and lets me know that the lord knows me personally. He knows our stuggles and trials in this life.

I had my first spanish dream last night. SUPER WEIRD.

spiritual thought: D&C 11:20-26 Pray about it.

Oh and I memorized D&C 4 in SPANISH! awesome.

I love letters and packages! they can turn a day around so fast. :) Thank you and love you!!

Elder Haskell
My first two full weeks in the CCM.

The first 3 days (was) hard.  Everything is new.  You don't know where anything is at.  Utah is cold and I'm supposed to be in PerĂº where it is 70° year round.  Lame sauce.  I do, however, enjoy sitting in a class room, everyday for 9 hours. Not to mention the three other recommended, (required) study hours.  I love my companion.  It's a  relationship of tolerance.  We'll get through it.

That's only the first 3 days.  After the initial culture shock, Missionary work is fantastic.  I love this opportunity I have been blessed with that I may bless the lives of others.  I've been learning so much these past fourteen days.  Mostly how to be humble and how to recognize the spirit when I teach.  Oh.  the food absolutely destroys your bowels.  Just sayin'. Not that Peruvian food will do me any good either.

Write me!

-Elder Haskell

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Send Letters please.

Thanks for sending those shirts. I check the mail every day for the whole District. Everyone is always reminding me to check the mail after every meal. Oh the pains of responsibility  It sounds like the kitchen is coming along great. I cant wait to see pictures of it when its done. I'm glad that Willis and Lucy are doing well 
together. I WANT PUPPIES!

I'm so sorry that Kim is struggling. :( That is some sad news... We'll pray for her and her family.

Boyd must be stoked to come home. Tell that punk to write me a letter or something. Same with Ina. And Everyone you know. Checking the mail is only fun if there is something in there for you.
We did an Endowment session this morning and I ran into Dustan Kraus!! It was super cool to see him.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a blessing to two of our sister missionaries in our zone who were struggling with the language and other things. It was such a great experience to help out those sisters. I am so grateful that I was worthy at the time when someone needed it. The spirit is so strong when you are helping the people you love.

On Tuesday M. Russell Ballard spoke at our Devotional and he said that we have not chosen to go on missions, The Lord has Called us to go on missions. And only has he called us because He trusts us with His name on our chest. Taking upon the name of Christ has never been so important to me. I love my investigators and I love this Gospel.
On Wednesday we invited one of our investigators to commit to be bautizado and it was one of the most joyful moments in my life, being able to speak, teach, listen all in Spanish and knowing that I really do have the ability to bring souls unto Christ.
We lost a member of our district this week, Elder Weekes got his travel information and took off to Bolivia on Tuesday. We loved that guys and will miss him.

Thank you for your prayers and letter I have received  If you could get me Andy's and PJ's emails that would be awesome.

PS. the mail has never been more important. Send me anything. Drawings, limericks  letters, candy, cinnamon rolls. ANYTHING. Gracias.

Elder Haskell.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Provo Missionary Training Center, Week 1

The first week was a little difficult just because mi companero is a study freak who is learning spanish and only slightly awkward. but we have overcome our differences and are doing much better in our companior estudiar. I have been called as the district leader and am so greatful for the oppotunidad i have a servir the lord and my fellow missioneros. I've been getting your dearleder letters! I love them! I sent two letters last thursday the 14th and today is my first P-day. The kitchen looks great and so does Willis. My vote is for willis. That way you can say, WHATCH YOU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS?! Spanish is coming along really well. I have been taking some one on one time wiht my maestros to better improve my future and imperfect tenses along with teaching methods. It has helped so much. I really started coming back to me after two or three days. I'm the best in the class which makesit hard for me to remember to be humble but im working on it. All of the missioneros en mi districto are eighteen years old, Its werid though, I dont see them as younger than me i just see them as fellow servants of the lord. I will send some pictures of my district and I later today! I am doing well. Thank you for your prayers and make sure ina and boyd and everyone writes/emails me. I only get 30 mins once a week for e-mails. :/ I dont miss the technology but i do miss doctor pepper. OH. you guys should send me my big nerf guns. :) every one on our floor has them. :) thanks zach and ben should be able to help you out with that. I love letters and packages! thanks for all your prayers and support. One more thing. I need at least 2 more long sleeve shirts. Slimfit vanhuesen would be awesome. 16.5 neck and 34/35 arms. SLIM FIT PLEASE. Um, I cant think of anything else except to tell the young men and dan to go on a mision. the MTC sucks but I just want to leave to the field and start bringings souls to christ. yo se que Jose smith fue una profeta de dios y por medio de nuestro salvador, jesucristo, podemos regresar a vivir con El. Yo se que este Evangelio is verdadero y la plan de salvacion es verdadero. Estoy agradecido por mi famila y por los oracciones de mi ward. Amo a ustedes y amo a nuestro salvador. Hasta Luego. Elder Thales D Haskell
this is my companero Elder Barnett

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2.13.13 Dear Mom, Today was day one in the Provo, MTC. My companion's name is Elder Barnett from Connecticut. He's a solid guy for only just turning eighteen a couple of months ago. I share a room with one other companionship. Their names are Elder England and Elder... I forgot. We did some role playing and my companion and I volunteered to teach this woman in front of 600 other missionaries. I was so nervous because the actress was attacking me a little bit. But my convictions came through and I was able to tell her that we were there as messengers from God to invite her to know true happiness. It was pretty awesome. Only through the pure love of Christ can we, as missionaries, reach the hearts of the people. Anyway, I'm doing pretty good well. Make sure Ina sees that correction. Con Amor, Elder Haskell

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Elder Thales D Haskell, Congratulations on your call to serve! We are excited about your arrival at the Provo Missionary Training Center next week and are grateful for your decision to serve the Lord. We would like to share some important information about your stay at the MTC. This will be your MTC mailing address: Elder Thales D Haskell MTC Mailbox # 56 PER-ARE 0328 2005 N 900 E Provo, UT 84604-1793
Thales began his journey today at the Cedar Rapids Airport At 5:30 this morning. (note:  Ben was tired).  He will stop in Minneapolis and then on to Salt Lake City.  There he will catch an Express Shuttle to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  He will not have access to the internet (except for weekly emails to Mom :)) or a phone so please write.  (Letters are little bits of treasure to missionaries).  I will try to keep his blog up to date.  Thanks to everyone that helped Thales to  go on this mission!