Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The days pass so fast here they just seem to run together. I love that I can never remember what day it is. We are teaching a family that is going to get baptized this week! I'm so excited! The Weather here is starting to warm up and the desert sun is not being kind to el gringito blancito. Peruvian Spanish is actually a slightly different language. Its call Castellano and some of the words im having a hard time with but I will survive. We have a great zone and I am doing well.

This week has been good. We are struggling a little bit to find the people who we make appointments with. Because so many people travel to Tacgna to study or to vender fruit or vegetables it is a really transient. Their schedules really depend on where the people are and where people are buying fruit. Ive never seen such a location based economy before. Its pretty interesting.

Food is cheaeeeeep. So sweet. Last week we ate out at an expensive high class restaurant. You know the type where the amount of food you get barely covers your plate and no free refills on corn juice. For all four of us it was around 10 bucks. IT WAS SO GOOD. However ive never eaten so much rice and potatoes in my life. They have a dish here called salchipapas. its basically hot dogs mixed with raw potatoes.  it fills you up and its around 20 cents.

I found out where I can buy cuy. They sell them in the market and I plan on buying one today, taking it to my pensionistas house killing it, preparing it and eating it. Cuy is guinea pig. cute little guinea pigs. Will send pictures next week.

The gift of tongues is a real thing believe it or not. When we align our will with gods all things are possible. Everyday is a struggle to put down my rebellious heart and stubborn mind to become more like a child, submissive and humble. The goal is to make my will, and Gods will, synonymous. Easier said than done.  Blessings come when you make sacrifices  This lession is taught in the scriptures but also manifests itself in Chess. I learned this from my companion. we play a little when we eat and often by sacrificing my most beloved piece, the queen, I can gain an advangate somewhere else. The Adversary is so focused on our "favorite sins" when our spiritual desires begin to exceed or temporal desires and wants we can align our will with the lords and fight the good fight. give up your favorite sins and win the war against Satan.

All is well in Zion

Elder Haskell
Dios es valor.

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