Monday, May 27, 2013


Oh I totally forgot that my whole family cruise without me. hmm bummer. :)

It seems that baptize me guy does not exist. We cannot find him. we contacted the entire street looking for the bum and it seems that either the elders who taught him took the wrong address or he is playing the meanest trick ever.

However Satan didn't completely win this week, we had a baptism and have 8 posibles for this coming week. We're super excited.

One of my good friends got transferred in about ten seconds for giggling in one of our meetings, before the meeting even started. It seemed a little harsh but our mission President claimed to have received revelation to transfer him in literally less that 15 seconds. I was shocked as was the whole zone. we didn't know what to do. But I believe the lord has a plan for him in Ilo. Hopefully he doesn't feel to bad.

We found a couple sweet families this week. some of them need to get married but they have goals to do so.

All is well in Zion.

Elder Haskell
WE were doing service picking out rocks from the dirt to plant alfalfa. the soil is similar to utah.

Pancho Villa

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