Thursday, February 28, 2013

Send Letters please.

Thanks for sending those shirts. I check the mail every day for the whole District. Everyone is always reminding me to check the mail after every meal. Oh the pains of responsibility  It sounds like the kitchen is coming along great. I cant wait to see pictures of it when its done. I'm glad that Willis and Lucy are doing well 
together. I WANT PUPPIES!

I'm so sorry that Kim is struggling. :( That is some sad news... We'll pray for her and her family.

Boyd must be stoked to come home. Tell that punk to write me a letter or something. Same with Ina. And Everyone you know. Checking the mail is only fun if there is something in there for you.
We did an Endowment session this morning and I ran into Dustan Kraus!! It was super cool to see him.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a blessing to two of our sister missionaries in our zone who were struggling with the language and other things. It was such a great experience to help out those sisters. I am so grateful that I was worthy at the time when someone needed it. The spirit is so strong when you are helping the people you love.

On Tuesday M. Russell Ballard spoke at our Devotional and he said that we have not chosen to go on missions, The Lord has Called us to go on missions. And only has he called us because He trusts us with His name on our chest. Taking upon the name of Christ has never been so important to me. I love my investigators and I love this Gospel.
On Wednesday we invited one of our investigators to commit to be bautizado and it was one of the most joyful moments in my life, being able to speak, teach, listen all in Spanish and knowing that I really do have the ability to bring souls unto Christ.
We lost a member of our district this week, Elder Weekes got his travel information and took off to Bolivia on Tuesday. We loved that guys and will miss him.

Thank you for your prayers and letter I have received  If you could get me Andy's and PJ's emails that would be awesome.

PS. the mail has never been more important. Send me anything. Drawings, limericks  letters, candy, cinnamon rolls. ANYTHING. Gracias.

Elder Haskell.

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