Thursday, March 7, 2013

My first two full weeks in the CCM.

The first 3 days (was) hard.  Everything is new.  You don't know where anything is at.  Utah is cold and I'm supposed to be in Perú where it is 70° year round.  Lame sauce.  I do, however, enjoy sitting in a class room, everyday for 9 hours. Not to mention the three other recommended, (required) study hours.  I love my companion.  It's a  relationship of tolerance.  We'll get through it.

That's only the first 3 days.  After the initial culture shock, Missionary work is fantastic.  I love this opportunity I have been blessed with that I may bless the lives of others.  I've been learning so much these past fourteen days.  Mostly how to be humble and how to recognize the spirit when I teach.  Oh.  the food absolutely destroys your bowels.  Just sayin'. Not that Peruvian food will do me any good either.

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-Elder Haskell

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