Monday, August 4, 2014

June 28, 2014

I've learned alot about how to be a good and a bad missionary. President has made me a zone leader of the lowest baptizing zone in the whole mission so im stoked about that. there will be lots of room for improvement. Elder Cosme will be my companion again, he is one of the best and most obedient missionaries in the mission. i probably under appreciated him last time we were together. im stoked start over with him.

here are a couple pictures of the recent converts in our ward and a little girl with her family at a traditional dance.

June 14, 2014

Hey! sorry its been like a full month since ive written i just have been focused so much this past month i kinda forgot to write my family!! thanks for writing me it means alot!! in these past weeks weve had a couple baptisms and we have one today!  a super  grandma but she has taught me so much about the bible and Christ that its awesome. ill send you pictures of that baptism later. i will attach photos of a baptism we had last week. She was

super converted. i love the mission. i will be getting transferred the 29th of June. president has asked me where i want to go and so well see how that turns out. I will probably be a zone leader but.... yeah not to excited for that. oh well.

Ive been doing great these past couple weeks. more obedient, getting ready to go back out to the field and be a real missionary again. im doing pretty well dad. :) thanks for writing!! i will write next week. promise

Love you guys!!

Elder Haskell

April 19th, 2014

Ive only got three more months in the office left. thats a blessing. I miss you guys this week. Tell mom thanks for the package. I LOVE EASTER. JESUS IS AMAZING AND MY FRIEND! I like the way Jesus sounds in spanish than english. just a small confession. we went to Colca canyon again today. we just got back. I will send pictures later. we have 2 baptisms next week.  23 and 19 years old. they are going to go on missions. so awesome. will send pics later Elder Haskell

April 5th, 2014

so yeah there were a couple of pretty strong earthquakes here. big deal. the work goes on. Hollands talk was freaking legit. loved it. we have a baptism this week. I love my companion and the office. this week is changes and were getting a new assistant and tons of changes. two of the best sister missionaries are coming to my district to work in chivay so i'm stoked to work with them. being district leader is awesome. i love the mission. I have almost 14 months in the mission. only ten to go. too little if you ask me.

Mar 22, 2014

Just something sweet that happened yesterday. So my new companion and I were visiting less actives last night at about 8:30 just about to turn in for the night. We werent having alot of luck because not many people like to talk so late at night. Plus friday nights are risk nights so i was super ready to go back to the room. My companion says he wants to visit one more family before we turn in. I was really hungry and just wanted to go home and play risk and have a egg burrito. My companion is a mexican and we make some awesome egg and bacon burritos. I grudgingly said "Fine, but im hungry so lets buy some chocolates." So we go to a little store to buy chocolates and I ask for princessa which is like 1 sol or 37 cents. She tell me that they dont have any princesses, only queens. I thought, thats a stupid response, just sell me my chocolates. then she invited us in, which is really weird becasue at 830 at night you dont invite stangers in your house/store. she tells her nephew to give us some powerade and invites us to see some pictures. Turns out her son is serving as a missionary in Spain and she wants her whole family to be baptized. she just didnt know where the church was in our area. how sweet is that. she and her family are going to go to church tomorrow and everything. pretty sweet how the lord helps you when you want to quit.

Mar. 1, 2014

Read Matthew 5:46-47

Feb. 1, 2014

Wow.... That's right... in less than two weeks i'll have been here for a whole year. That is just ridiculous. I can’t believe the time has passes by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was in Moquegua being trained and getting burnt to death. All that has changed in one year can really surprise you. I guess there are things that never change too. The gospel never changes. The lord still has his hand outstretched to those who continually reject him. The Lord is still patient with us, his imperfect children, trying to teach us obedience, and why we should be obedient. Why I am here on a mission has changed completely. When I left home to go to the MTC the first thing you hear from the teachers is the Missionary purpose. Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. In the mission I constantly hear the missionaries explain why they think they are on a mission. Some of them say that if they don’t baptize a single person here but convert themselves, they will go home happy. As if that is a cause more noble than helping someone else open the kingdom of god. We have been called to help others. We have not been called and set apart to go to some foreign spiritual school. Our purpose is to help others, and if by doing so in the process we ¨convert¨ ourselves, hurrah for Israel. But I hope that all missionaries can come to understand their purpose. Conversion is a process, just like becoming perfected. The Lord doesn’t ask us to be perfect, but he asks us to convert, which means to have a change of heart and of mind. Just like you said mom. No one can convert themselves in just two years of dedicated service to the Lord. It requires a lifetime of errors and experience and spiritual witness to convert to the Lord. Also, we don’t convert ourselves. In the same way that we cannot convert people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We, alone, without the Holy Ghost cannot be converted. Any person who says they are here to convert themselves needs to be humbled and accept that the will of the Lord will always be completed and brought to pass. Do the will of the Father and the Holy Spirit will have the power of conversion over you and you will receive the conversion you are looking for. It took me a full year to figure out why I was here. To figure out what the Lord wants and expects of me. The mission is a personal sacrifice. If I am focused on myself and my own ¨conversion¨, I will never be all that the Lord expects of me. I left on the mission for the wrong reasons, I think most missionaries do. But im glad I have helped other people. Everything that brings us to salvation is selfless service. I am eternally grateful for the service and the love that the lord has shown me. Understanding the atonement is one of the most important things I have learned. Study it. Really study it and truths and spiritual experiences come. I promise you. Elder Haskell Home in 401 Days? I think i'm going to extend...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February, 2014

Picking up New missionaries

The view from our Office

Playing Risk with the Boys

Monday, January 20, 2014

My new best friend. Obispito. he works for the mission and is awesome!

This week was pretty awesome. we had a baptism on Sunday,  that was pretty cool. Hes 20 years old and wants to go on a mission. I'm super excited for him. I left my camera in the room so pics will have to wait till next week.

Monday is our Leadership conference for all the zones in the whole mission so we in the office have been pretty busy. not a whole lot of proselyting has been done... Ii need to figure out a way to be a little bit more effective with my time.

My companion is super obedient and he's helping me be better at the little things that we always mess up as missionaries.

I got my PACKAGE!! Thanks so much for the andes mint cookies. they were glorious. I love the football and the frisbee. we tossed the disc a little around this morning it was awesome.

hows Boyd doing? i haven't heard much from him. i'm sure he's super busy.

I love you guys so much!!!