Thursday, March 7, 2013

I did get my coat and I love it! It has actually been warming up recently and its very nice outside. 40-45 degrees most days.

Tell Zach I said good luck in his play and I wish I could see him jam out. I have not recieved any Letters from ina or ben but i havent checked the mail yet today either. I bet boyd is so stoked to be home.

My companion trying hard to sleep on P-Day
Just me... being well.. me

Me, creeping out of the closet

The Days here pass so incredibly slow but the weeks fly by. i cannot Believe i have been here for over three weeks. I've only got two and a half more weeks left and them Im out of here. I scheduled departure date is the 28th of march, but I could get reassigned to texas or somewhere till my visa comes. the rest of my district is headed to Lubbock so I might go there.
Suspenders day.  Looking as legit as crap.

DAVE AND EMILY SENT ME A BOX FULL OF JUNK FOOD!! IT WAS SO AWESOME AND MADE MY DAY! TELL THEM THANKS SO MUCH AND I WILL BE WRITING THEM A LETTER!! I LOVE JUNK FOOD! (my roommates are not appreciating how many chili cheese fritos i eat and what they do yo my bowels)

This week has been a slow one. My roommates are the new ZL's and being District leader has never been better. I love my brothers in the lord more than anything even though we don't get along all the time. The Lord has blessed me with charity and more humility each day.
Doing Laundry and eating lunch. 

I have been praying for humility and the Lord has indeed brought me low, before I can be the missionary i want to be. On saturday our District was selected to particiopate in the new cirriculum they will be implementing accross the MTC in the coming months. Basically it said that the way we have been teaching our investigators is entirely wrong. this has really given me the opportunity to reavaluate how to invite the spirit and allow the spirit to confirm what what the lord wants me to say so that His message will reach the heart of the investigators. I was pretty awesome and lets me know that the lord knows me personally. He knows our stuggles and trials in this life.

I had my first spanish dream last night. SUPER WEIRD.

spiritual thought: D&C 11:20-26 Pray about it.

Oh and I memorized D&C 4 in SPANISH! awesome.

I love letters and packages! they can turn a day around so fast. :) Thank you and love you!!

Elder Haskell

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