Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS THIS WEEK! a mother and her daughter were baptized saturday and sunday. it was pretty sweet seeing people change their lives because of a newfound love for Jesus Christ.

This week was a little slow other than that. WE traveled to Arequipa  four hours by bus, to listen to some members of the seventy speak on Thursday   We learned a little bit about how we as missionaries have a higher calling and are expected to follow a higher law. It was pretty cool. We seem to be having trouble finding people in their homes at the times they specified. Hmmm. Satan is working hard to keep people from the gospel.

We had a rather neat experience during the baptisms this week. We had planned to baptize the mother and daughter together . So Sunday morning we get to the font and its empty. Shoot. So we start filling it as fast a possible. with buckets and the nozzle. we borrowed a hose from the neighbor so we could use the outside sources of water to fill the font  we have to pass the hose through a window in order to get it to the font. The the branch president says we should postpone the baptism because there is no way to fill it in time. My companion and I unanimously declared, "Have Faith President". Then we had to get permission from the stake president to baptize her during the 2nd hour. he was a stubborn mountain to move but we moved him. The Whole branch was there and it was a super spiritual experience.

WE HAVE A CUY (guinea pig). We're going to eat him. will send pictures. ummmm thats all this week. like I said, pretty slow. we're trying to be more obedient and work harder. The lord will bless us.

Elder Haskell

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