Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

So today is day 3 on the mission and ITS FREAKIN SWEET!! The area I'm in is an English area with absolutely no Spanish people to teach. I'm worried that I might have a hard time retaining my Spanish. I do Language study every day to help me remember and talk to all the brown people I can. Elder Arnold is my companion and he has been out for 18 months.  We have two baptisms scheduled this Saturday and two more next Saturday. All of my invitations to be baptized have been accepted so far. Teaching in English is taking some getting used to. I can never remember the word "atonement". in Spanish it is Expiacion and I've said it before in my lessons. We have a car so I don't have to bike or walk everywhere. We went to ward council and got like 8 referrals so we have a lot to work to do. I'm pretty excited to dunk some fools!! haha Just kidding. I'm so excited to serve the people of Las Vegas and in turn, the Lord. They are saying I might only be here for a transfer but I don’t know the weather here is gorgeous I could stay here for two or three if I don’t get a visa. I'm here for a reason and I've accepted that. 
I didn't get an MSF card so I'll have to use personal funds to buy food and stuff for a couple weeks until I can get my card. :( I will survive though. P-Days are on Monday now.

The Nellis Airforce Base is in my area so we go on base a lot for dinner and some teaching appointments. Because this is a military ward the people are super transient and move around a lot. Our area book is super outdated and we were double transferred in with no knowledge of the area so it is a huge learning experience I am grateful for. There are F-22's in the sky!! Its freakin legit!! We see F-15 and Raptors on a daily basis and the raptors make this howling sound like no other. I will try to get some pictures for you this up coming week.


Elder Thales D Haskell
9270 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Address

Thales has been transferred to the Nevada, Las Vegas mission temporarily to serve while he waits for his VISA.  Please send all your mail to:

Elder Thales D. Haskell
9270 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123
United States

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mar. 21. 2013

Thanks for the cinnamon rolls and the cookies! THE COOKIES WERE LEGIT! I loved them. So did my Zone and district. My district is leaving on Monday so I'll be hanging around for a couple days with the intermediate Spanish district which will be a good thing cuz I'll be more challenged in class and draw less pictures of Nephi playing with the head of Laban. Or gangster ducks wearing a turtle neck and chain (gold).
Bored Dragon drawing.  Sam Cropper and I.  I knewSam  at the youth leadership scout thing I did.
Gangster Duck

Sister Nnah and I.  I forgot how to spell her last name.. She is a friend from BYU.
New Zone leaders and companions for 3-4 days.

My teacher is awesome. Anyway, so my teacher, Hno. Rassmussen pulled me aside and have talked for hours on faith and belief vs knowledge and my want to find things out for myself without and outside influence. This way I can feel that my testimony is based on what I know, rather than what I believe. I accept this gospel. I believe it is true. but I fall way short on a knowledge of these things. Maybe one day I will know, but for now my faith will have to do.
On a a lighter note, TODAY IS PDAY! I get so excited for P-Day. Both of my fake/real investigators got baptized and my Spanish is coming along great. Hopefully I can learn a little more this week when I'm with the intermediate class. I'm sick of the food here. 
Chillin' in a golf cart.  Going for a cruise.

Happy Birthday to Elder England. This is the closest thing to a birthday hat that we could fine.  He wore it in shame and with pride.  The other guy is Hno (hermano) Avila, our instructor.

Still no travel plans. :( but I have to check the mail today.they said it would probably come in today if it’s gonna come. Right now, anywhere that is not the MTC would be fantastic. I'm doing laundry at five in the morning and getting up is not so bad for me anymore. The kitchen looks awesome! it looks so BIG! INA GOT HER LISCENSE?! 


I'm sorry you're sore from painting! Make Boyd paint!

I saw Dustin Kraus at the temple a couple times! So that was cool. 
I finished the book of Mormon again. In English. I’m about 1/3 of the way through in Spanish. I'm 200 pages into Jesus the Christ and it is mind blowing.
Will Write more later when I have your letter with me. look for pics!
Elder Haskell

Mar. 14. 2013

Elder Heal and I inherited Creeper Cloaks

Wheely Chair racing after 9 hours of class.  Elder Carlile is hilarious!

Elder Schoof and I.  What a legit dude!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I did get my coat and I love it! It has actually been warming up recently and its very nice outside. 40-45 degrees most days.

Tell Zach I said good luck in his play and I wish I could see him jam out. I have not recieved any Letters from ina or ben but i havent checked the mail yet today either. I bet boyd is so stoked to be home.

My companion trying hard to sleep on P-Day
Just me... being well.. me

Me, creeping out of the closet

The Days here pass so incredibly slow but the weeks fly by. i cannot Believe i have been here for over three weeks. I've only got two and a half more weeks left and them Im out of here. I scheduled departure date is the 28th of march, but I could get reassigned to texas or somewhere till my visa comes. the rest of my district is headed to Lubbock so I might go there.
Suspenders day.  Looking as legit as crap.

DAVE AND EMILY SENT ME A BOX FULL OF JUNK FOOD!! IT WAS SO AWESOME AND MADE MY DAY! TELL THEM THANKS SO MUCH AND I WILL BE WRITING THEM A LETTER!! I LOVE JUNK FOOD! (my roommates are not appreciating how many chili cheese fritos i eat and what they do yo my bowels)

This week has been a slow one. My roommates are the new ZL's and being District leader has never been better. I love my brothers in the lord more than anything even though we don't get along all the time. The Lord has blessed me with charity and more humility each day.
Doing Laundry and eating lunch. 

I have been praying for humility and the Lord has indeed brought me low, before I can be the missionary i want to be. On saturday our District was selected to particiopate in the new cirriculum they will be implementing accross the MTC in the coming months. Basically it said that the way we have been teaching our investigators is entirely wrong. this has really given me the opportunity to reavaluate how to invite the spirit and allow the spirit to confirm what what the lord wants me to say so that His message will reach the heart of the investigators. I was pretty awesome and lets me know that the lord knows me personally. He knows our stuggles and trials in this life.

I had my first spanish dream last night. SUPER WEIRD.

spiritual thought: D&C 11:20-26 Pray about it.

Oh and I memorized D&C 4 in SPANISH! awesome.

I love letters and packages! they can turn a day around so fast. :) Thank you and love you!!

Elder Haskell
My first two full weeks in the CCM.

The first 3 days (was) hard.  Everything is new.  You don't know where anything is at.  Utah is cold and I'm supposed to be in PerĂº where it is 70° year round.  Lame sauce.  I do, however, enjoy sitting in a class room, everyday for 9 hours. Not to mention the three other recommended, (required) study hours.  I love my companion.  It's a  relationship of tolerance.  We'll get through it.

That's only the first 3 days.  After the initial culture shock, Missionary work is fantastic.  I love this opportunity I have been blessed with that I may bless the lives of others.  I've been learning so much these past fourteen days.  Mostly how to be humble and how to recognize the spirit when I teach.  Oh.  the food absolutely destroys your bowels.  Just sayin'. Not that Peruvian food will do me any good either.

Write me!

-Elder Haskell