Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Its actually fall right now. haha and its getting colder. at night it drops to a solid 55-60 degrees by my guesstimation. I know more or less how to prepare cuy and we will have some when i get back. sometimes i forget words in English  I've started dreaming and thinking in Spanish  my companion is good. i'm trying to study Christlike attributes i don't think the punctuation mark colon exists in Spanish  i cant find it on this key board. i get dear elder stuff so its cool!! send whatever. anything from home is good. although, i admit i really only think about you guys Sundays and Mondays. sorry. ´:/ found it.

this week was fine. nothing real special. were having trouble getting investigators to attend church. really have nothing much to say.... the work rolls forth. oh exchanges were this week. I officially have three months in the mission. 21 to go! i seriously love missionary work though. I'm not counting the days because they go by so fast. hmmm  what else... not much. gonna go play soccer. oh, cuy is awesome if you don't mind eating little hairs. :) but really is good. I've never had more regular bowel movements in my life. que mas... oh socks here are horrible because no body wears socks. there is no market for them. Dr. pepper down here is 3.50 soles for a 12 ounce can. holy expensive batman. cocacola is only 2. food in general is cheap. actually everything is cheap besides transportation. ummmm thats all i think. Love you guys! keep me informed!!

Elder Haskell

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