Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm Back in Moquegua!. Nov 17, 2014

Well, its great to be back in moquegua. not much has changed, time to activate some of my less active converts... which is sad i guess but im a much better teacher these days so hopefully ill be able to help them understand the atonement a little more. and my Spanish is significantly better so i suppose ive got a ton of work to do. we have been in our area for about 4 working days and already have 4 people with baptismal dates so i guess were doing pretty good,  the sun is so freaking hot all the time here so its time to put a little fire under (our) butts and (start) feeling the spirit and working hard. Everyone is pretty much suffering from the same things more or less that i was having trouble with when i was here over a year ago.

I'm super stoked for my last two changes and ready to give it all ive got. I'm kinda ready for snow though. seriously

What a great Life! October 6, 2014

This week was awesome even there was no baptism. sad face. I know that this week was one of the best weeks in my mission. Its like i just realized something super important and i feel retarded for not realizing it earlier. We came to earth to realize the value of spiritual experience and treasure it. to learn from it. to make mistakes and help others. The importance of records and memories are super important. Every experience we have will be for our good and the good of our children.  just a thought. some people go on a mission to see the world. for some its a rite of passage, for me its become a source of experience, and training camp for whats to come. I love this mission. I love these people. I love the Lord and he loves me. What a great life.

September 29, 2014


September 22, 2014

these be my missionaries.... these be my sheeps

September 8, 2014

Way to share the gospel Mom!

Elder Anderson (Apostle Guy) came and spoke to us this past week and taught us alot about the atonement. you know stuff you dont find in books and stuff you have to look really hard for in the scriptures. It was really cool. I feel closer to the saviour than ever and an feeling really grateful as of late for all the blessing the lord has given me. I dont want to be poud, but my companion and I have broken a mission record for consecutive weeks with baptisms. Its pretty awesome the way people accept the gospel when they come to an understanding of the atonement and what it really means. my shoes are fine.... kinda. my pants are.... mended. and all ties are welcome here. thanks for the package mom!! i got highlighters and various candies which my companion loved. hes decided that baby ruths are the best candies ever.

Thanks for everthing!!

E HAskell

August 18, 2014