Friday, March 22, 2013

Mar. 21. 2013

Thanks for the cinnamon rolls and the cookies! THE COOKIES WERE LEGIT! I loved them. So did my Zone and district. My district is leaving on Monday so I'll be hanging around for a couple days with the intermediate Spanish district which will be a good thing cuz I'll be more challenged in class and draw less pictures of Nephi playing with the head of Laban. Or gangster ducks wearing a turtle neck and chain (gold).
Bored Dragon drawing.  Sam Cropper and I.  I knewSam  at the youth leadership scout thing I did.
Gangster Duck

Sister Nnah and I.  I forgot how to spell her last name.. She is a friend from BYU.
New Zone leaders and companions for 3-4 days.

My teacher is awesome. Anyway, so my teacher, Hno. Rassmussen pulled me aside and have talked for hours on faith and belief vs knowledge and my want to find things out for myself without and outside influence. This way I can feel that my testimony is based on what I know, rather than what I believe. I accept this gospel. I believe it is true. but I fall way short on a knowledge of these things. Maybe one day I will know, but for now my faith will have to do.
On a a lighter note, TODAY IS PDAY! I get so excited for P-Day. Both of my fake/real investigators got baptized and my Spanish is coming along great. Hopefully I can learn a little more this week when I'm with the intermediate class. I'm sick of the food here. 
Chillin' in a golf cart.  Going for a cruise.

Happy Birthday to Elder England. This is the closest thing to a birthday hat that we could fine.  He wore it in shame and with pride.  The other guy is Hno (hermano) Avila, our instructor.

Still no travel plans. :( but I have to check the mail today.they said it would probably come in today if it’s gonna come. Right now, anywhere that is not the MTC would be fantastic. I'm doing laundry at five in the morning and getting up is not so bad for me anymore. The kitchen looks awesome! it looks so BIG! INA GOT HER LISCENSE?! 


I'm sorry you're sore from painting! Make Boyd paint!

I saw Dustin Kraus at the temple a couple times! So that was cool. 
I finished the book of Mormon again. In English. I’m about 1/3 of the way through in Spanish. I'm 200 pages into Jesus the Christ and it is mind blowing.
Will Write more later when I have your letter with me. look for pics!
Elder Haskell

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