Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sept 16

This week was great because it was the first week that I really got to work in my area. the past couple weeks ive been in Lima and away from my new area. we found a house and its pretty nice. It has a kitchen but were not allowed to cook so that sucks. Yeah, we do kind of leave the scary stuff out. Sorry mom but everything is rainbows unicorns and lolipops here. just perfect. My new area is called Chen-Chen. there are no paved roads in Chen Chen. its not even worth it shining my shoes, which are holding up good by the way. almost all the houses are made of estera and the people are pretty humble. we found a couple good people this week and we´re hoping that they can come to church and progress.

Three days ago I completed 7 months in the mission and am now the oldest missionary in the zone.  I love my companion more and more everyday.  We´re best buds.

Make sure you tell the Burtons that I love them. Seth turns 18 in November right? tell him to get on those papers and come join me in Arequipa. Im super stoked that Boyd is going on a mission.

Im glad it rained there. I miss the rain. Alot.

Elder Haskell

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