Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Elder Haskell

They don't celebrate thanksgiving here and I don't even know what day it is.   Today were having a barbecue as a zone so for sure there will be some sweet pictures next week.

Thanks for the Books and Rubiks cube and cake!! we made the cake at my pensions house and shared it.  Peruvians generally don't eat really sweet food so they were a little put off by the really rich chocolate frosting. So we put half of it on the cake and im eating the other half with a spoon during study time.

I am in the actual city of Arequipa now in the Zamacola Zone are Villa Parai

so (ParadiseVille) Its cool.

I had an awesome birthday!!
I actually did here a little  about the earthquake tsunami thing down there. They are in my prayers. Tell sister Adasme were praying for them.

Thanks for writing me mom!!

We, as a zone had 115 baptism this month!! doing pretty good!!! Love you Mom!!

Elder Haskell

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