Monday, April 15, 2013

Mt Misti the volcano in Arequipa

From the top of my building

THAT IS SUPER AWESOME THAT YOU GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH NATALIE! Did she submit her papers? Keep me informed!!

I really want to go to the Lima Temple. Supposedly we get to go one before we leave. Super stoked.

I got to teach a lesson on eternal families on Saturday, I talked about how grandpa just wanted to be with Wagon again. There is nothing more(important) than to see grandma again and be together for eternity and how we can have that joy through the plan of salvation. It was a moving moment because we know that grandpa took off sprinting for the spirit world.

I miss Poncheros. I miss fake south american food. There is less rice with fake food. I EAT SO MUCH RICE ITS RIDICULOUS. Thats okay I´m getting used to It. There is a type of dish here called Chaufa. (chow-fah), basically its chinese food mixed with peruvian flavors. Its fantastic. also there are a ton of potatoes here that are a sad attempt at french fries. they are disgusting. I ate some burnt beef the other day. thats about the worst it gets. so far.

The weather here is tolerable  about 90 during the day and colder at night. I actually enjoy sweating during the day. it makes me feel like I've walked farther than I really have.

my companion and I are opening up a new area,  that has never had missionaries before. The work is different every day. unfortunately we have to take a 6 soles taxi there and back every day. that comes out to about only 4.50 dollars but its like 30 dollars a week. Expensive. Los Angeles is about 7 Miles away and straight up in elevation. Not doing that twice a day or more. Nope nope nope.

The internet is really slow so i'm having trouble with pictures but I will try to send some.

Our shower has hot water!! which would be awesome if the water wasn't heated by an electric dongle that is attached to the shower head. It buzzes of electricity when you shower. to date I've only been shocked once. Lucky me. It looks like its grounded but I don´t know for sure. Every morning is an adventure. I'm having a blast and learning alot.

Elder Haskell

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