Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Provo Missionary Training Center, Week 1

The first week was a little difficult just because mi companero is a study freak who is learning spanish and only slightly awkward. but we have overcome our differences and are doing much better in our companior estudiar. I have been called as the district leader and am so greatful for the oppotunidad i have a servir the lord and my fellow missioneros. I've been getting your dearleder letters! I love them! I sent two letters last thursday the 14th and today is my first P-day. The kitchen looks great and so does Willis. My vote is for willis. That way you can say, WHATCH YOU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS?! Spanish is coming along really well. I have been taking some one on one time wiht my maestros to better improve my future and imperfect tenses along with teaching methods. It has helped so much. I really started coming back to me after two or three days. I'm the best in the class which makesit hard for me to remember to be humble but im working on it. All of the missioneros en mi districto are eighteen years old, Its werid though, I dont see them as younger than me i just see them as fellow servants of the lord. I will send some pictures of my district and I later today! I am doing well. Thank you for your prayers and make sure ina and boyd and everyone writes/emails me. I only get 30 mins once a week for e-mails. :/ I dont miss the technology but i do miss doctor pepper. OH. you guys should send me my big nerf guns. :) every one on our floor has them. :) thanks zach and ben should be able to help you out with that. I love letters and packages! thanks for all your prayers and support. One more thing. I need at least 2 more long sleeve shirts. Slimfit vanhuesen would be awesome. 16.5 neck and 34/35 arms. SLIM FIT PLEASE. Um, I cant think of anything else except to tell the young men and dan to go on a mision. the MTC sucks but I just want to leave to the field and start bringings souls to christ. yo se que Jose smith fue una profeta de dios y por medio de nuestro salvador, jesucristo, podemos regresar a vivir con El. Yo se que este Evangelio is verdadero y la plan de salvacion es verdadero. Estoy agradecido por mi famila y por los oracciones de mi ward. Amo a ustedes y amo a nuestro salvador. Hasta Luego. Elder Thales D Haskell
this is my companero Elder Barnett

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