Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aug 19

Well, this week was pretty fulfilling.  We found four or five people who I think can progress, If only I can get them to come to church!! No baptisms this week, Sad face.

I think were going to have a Zone Conference this week, so I hope I can learn how to be a better missionary. The best way to learn is to make mistakes, I think. That's what Magic School Bus taught me. I didn't take any pictures this week.

Oh, I completed 6 months in the mission. That was really fast. The past six months I've really learned alot and gained an understanding of the atonement. Its pretty sweet to think that I have a Savior and a Redeemer. I've come to love Jesus Christ. He is my friend and my teacher.

I got to speak in two different sacrament meeting this week. The branch president decided it was funny to surprise me. haha. -_- I can now improvise in Spanish.

The switch from English to Spanish is complete. My brain works in a completely different way now. we have English classes and I cant even teach  or spell words correctly anymore. I've given up with our germanic estupidese.

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