Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Okay, so let me get this all in order. I left Las Vegas on Thursday Morning. Then I flew to Atlanta from Las vegas and there are no payphones in the international part of the airport. Then got on a plane to Lima for 6 hours. Longest plane ride ever. you know why? because there are free movies to watch. some of them I haven't seen. Can you Imagine that? The whole time, for six hours straight, Satan was taunting me. "watch the movie Haskell, you know you want to. you packed your scriptures. that was stupid. nothing else to do but watch awesome movies... do it. you know you want to. you don't have a companion. dooooooooo it." I HATE SATAN. But I didn't watch one. NOT ONE.  After I got off the plane I found another missionary from the good ole USA. There was an hombre there to pick us up and he dropped us at possibly the sketchiest hotel in all of Lima. I was 11 a la noche. He  and I had no idea what was going on. so we went down to exchange our American dollars for soles. the exchange rate we got was around 2.25 soles per dollar. we got screwed as we later found out. the real rate is like 2.6. my stupid American brain. thinking I know everything and stuff. so we stayed the night at the hotel in Lima. in the morning we get up at six thirty because we, as missionaries, don't know what else to do. Shower get dressed and start reading our escrituras. we figured we were supposed to start proselyting in Lima or something. about 830 we get a phone call which I pick up and the hombre on the other side is not speaking the language I'd been taught in the MTC.  Now what? After saying ¿Repiten? several time i get that someone is gonna pick us up in 15 mins. YEEESSS!! BLESSINGS!!! So we get in a car and continue to sit in different offices all day filling out legal forms and getting fingerprints taken. Someone from the FBI is there. I get nervous. I'm not a internationally wanted criminal right? okay so at about 3 I find out were going to get on another plane to Arequipa la misma dia. Okay then. Off to Arequipa. so we get on a plane about 9pm and llegar a Arequipa alas 1015. then we just chill with prez. Fernandez for a couple days because we don't have companions or an are or nothing. visa waiters are last priority in the mission field. anyway president is cool. on Saturday, which is Pday for the office elders (the elders who we were hanging with) we got to play some real south American soccer. which was pretty legit. I can actually hold my own as a goalie (arquero) of en defense. then we went to conference which was awesome. I got about 73 percent of what was said. when the conference edition of the ensign comes out would you please send me an English edition? thanks. also the keyboards in Peru are different. typing is a little difficult. so I got to my real area, Moquegua, on Monday afternoon. following a long 5 hour bus ride through what looked like the valley of death, i got my companion and played more soccer. my companions is from Peru and he speaks very little English so we are teaching each other. he is a good missionary even though he has only been out seven months. When I arrived in Moquegua, I learned that we didn't have a place to live. we need to get beds and stuff and find an apartment. SWEEET. whatever. its cool. I can do this. Be a Consecrated Missionary(if you want to feel inadequate read this talk by Ted R Callister) while homeless and starving. but we found a place for about 75 soles a month which isn't bad. I'm learning Spanish super fast. Ive been in moquegua for 2 days and have probably learned 100 words. seriously. Don De Lenguas. For sure. Everything is going good. I'm writing this as quickly as possible and got special permission to do so on a Tuesday. I{m getting used to freezing showers and tons of rice, which I've discovered is super easy to eat when you're starving. its hot here. I'm in the desert. Love the area already. ummm... I think that's it for this week. Oh, you know how in America we have rules for driving, there are no rules here. you don't honk your horn when you're mad you honk when you're about to pass within 2 inches of someone else. I have yet to see an accident though. there are no stop signs. no traffic lights. to lines on the roads and no medians. only the will of the driver. scary stuff... will write next week and send pictures.


Elder Haskell

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