Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sept. 2


THATS awesomE!!! Pictures of the prom dress please!! How are the Williams?  I hope everyone is doing okay!! will write a letter and send pictures today! i have a sweet computer because im in Lima doing legal stuff again. give me thirty mins. :)

I feel like im going through a rough time in my mission and really not finding a lot of time to work like we should be working, for example in the past three weeks I've had 4 Full days of work without interruption of meetings and traveling. They closed my branch and taken away the largest part of my area, which has been reduced down to two blocks by seven blocks, I can't help my recent convert who i love very much because he lives in the area that they took from me, im just waiting for me to get changed to another area. I don't know i feel super burnt out. My companion is awesome and he helps me a ton. hes ready to be on his own and maybe even train new missionaries. I feel like im waiting for the next thing to happen and its not happening yet. maybe im not giving my part to the lord or failing in something but well see what happens. 
Thanks for keeping me up to date on whats happening at home. I´ll still be in Lima tomorrow and spend all of Wednesday moving to a new room and organizing my new area. so this week is pretty much shot but I hope that we can progress and find someone who will progress in the gospel and have a real desire to repent of their sins. Faith unto repentance is so ridiculously important. maybe I´ll try to teach that better. 
I met an Elder who is from Alaska. He lives two blocks away from Enendorf air force base. pretty cool guy. 
hopefully better news next week.

Elder Haskell

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