Monday, August 4, 2014

Mar 22, 2014

Just something sweet that happened yesterday. So my new companion and I were visiting less actives last night at about 8:30 just about to turn in for the night. We werent having alot of luck because not many people like to talk so late at night. Plus friday nights are risk nights so i was super ready to go back to the room. My companion says he wants to visit one more family before we turn in. I was really hungry and just wanted to go home and play risk and have a egg burrito. My companion is a mexican and we make some awesome egg and bacon burritos. I grudgingly said "Fine, but im hungry so lets buy some chocolates." So we go to a little store to buy chocolates and I ask for princessa which is like 1 sol or 37 cents. She tell me that they dont have any princesses, only queens. I thought, thats a stupid response, just sell me my chocolates. then she invited us in, which is really weird becasue at 830 at night you dont invite stangers in your house/store. she tells her nephew to give us some powerade and invites us to see some pictures. Turns out her son is serving as a missionary in Spain and she wants her whole family to be baptized. she just didnt know where the church was in our area. how sweet is that. she and her family are going to go to church tomorrow and everything. pretty sweet how the lord helps you when you want to quit.

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