Monday, August 4, 2014

June 14, 2014

Hey! sorry its been like a full month since ive written i just have been focused so much this past month i kinda forgot to write my family!! thanks for writing me it means alot!! in these past weeks weve had a couple baptisms and we have one today!  a super  grandma but she has taught me so much about the bible and Christ that its awesome. ill send you pictures of that baptism later. i will attach photos of a baptism we had last week. She was

super converted. i love the mission. i will be getting transferred the 29th of June. president has asked me where i want to go and so well see how that turns out. I will probably be a zone leader but.... yeah not to excited for that. oh well.

Ive been doing great these past couple weeks. more obedient, getting ready to go back out to the field and be a real missionary again. im doing pretty well dad. :) thanks for writing!! i will write next week. promise

Love you guys!!

Elder Haskell

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