Monday, January 20, 2014

This week was pretty awesome. we had a baptism on Sunday,  that was pretty cool. Hes 20 years old and wants to go on a mission. I'm super excited for him. I left my camera in the room so pics will have to wait till next week.

Monday is our Leadership conference for all the zones in the whole mission so we in the office have been pretty busy. not a whole lot of proselyting has been done... Ii need to figure out a way to be a little bit more effective with my time.

My companion is super obedient and he's helping me be better at the little things that we always mess up as missionaries.

I got my PACKAGE!! Thanks so much for the andes mint cookies. they were glorious. I love the football and the frisbee. we tossed the disc a little around this morning it was awesome.

hows Boyd doing? i haven't heard much from him. i'm sure he's super busy.

I love you guys so much!!!

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